Will The Fat Cells Grow Back After Liposuction?

Will The Fat Cells Grow Back After Liposuction? | Beverly HillsThe fat cells that are eliminated with liposuction plastic surgery usually do not return in most cases. The body will not produce new fat cells as long as the patient maintains a stable body weight after lipo, or even puts on a moderate amount of weight over the years.

The adult human body cannot usually manufacture new fat cells. Therefore, patients who undergo liposuction will experience permanent fat loss, and the fat cells that are removed from a specific site will not regrow.

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Fat Cell Growth with Significant Weight Gain

In case the patient puts on a moderate amount of weight in the years after liposuction surgery, the remaining fat cells in the treated sites will merely grow larger. They will collect more fat within the existing cells membranes.

But if the patient puts on a substantial amount of weight (for instance, ten percent of the body weight or more), there may be new fat cells development in various areas of the body. This could potentially include sites that have been previously treated liposuction surgery.

If an adult puts on a comparatively large amount of body weight, it will lead to an increase in the number of fat cells (lipocytes) that would be formed from the existing pleuripotential connective tissue cells via a process of differentiation. This process involves the existing connective tissue cells initially changing into immature fat cells (called lipoblasts).

After that, the lipoblasts will slowly develop into mature fat cells at the patient gradually puts on weight. But comparatively lesser fat would accumulate in the liposuction treated areas.

Therefore, the patient may still experience the body shaping benefits of liposuction to a certain extent, even if they put on a large amount of weight.


Safe Volume of Fat Cell Reduction with Liposuction

An experienced plastic surgeon would take a conservative approach to fat elimination with liposuction. The safe fat removal limit with liposuction in a single treatment session ranges between six to eight pounds or around three to four liters. This may differ slightly depending on the patient’s body weight, health, fat deposit accumulation, and other factors.

In case more fat is eliminated in one session, it could present a higher risk of complications for the patient. Certain patients may need more fat removal than six to eight pounds. The plastic surgeon may recommend liposuction in two to three phases for such patients.

They would space the liposuction sessions at least one month apart. Every phase would be undertaken as a separate liposuction cosmetic surgery.


Cosmetic Limitations with Excessive Fat Removal

Other than the health risks with excessive fat removal, the patient will have a higher probability of developing sagging or loose skin, dimpling, and folds in the treated sites. In case the fat deposits have been present for an extended period in a specific site, they could cause the skin to stretch permanently and lose elasticity.

If a significant amount of fat is eliminated from the site, it will cause the site to deflate, and the skin may sag. Such patients may need to combine liposuction with a breast lift, lower body lift, or tummy tuck depending on the treated site.

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