Mommy Makeover Surgery

shutterstock_116665918In a major surgical procedure such as mommy makeover, the pre-op consultation will play an important role. The patient should be ready to engage closely with the surgeon during the consultation process, and obtain complete clarity about the procedure as well as the surgeon’s practice.

Kind, stellar, and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie MD provides mommy makeover surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities across the horizon.

Patient Education

During the consultation, the surgeon will educate the patient on all aspects of mommy makeover surgery, and help her make an informed decision. They will explain the potential advantages and risks of a mommy makeover, the steps involved in the surgery, and the preparation and recovery processes.

Treatment Plan

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will carefully examine the patient’s anatomical aspects and evaluate her personal cosmetic requirements. Based on this assessment, they will discuss various procedures that may be included as a part of a customized mommy makeover surgery.

Safety and Health Aspects

The surgeon will review the patient’s medical and surgical history and examine their current health condition to determine their risk profile. Smokers will be required to completely refrain from smoking for a few weeks before the surgery. The patient may also have to temporarily go off certain prescription and non-prescription medications as well as herbal supplements and vitamins.

Goals and Expectations

The surgeon will closely engage with the patient to understand her specific aesthetic goals and expectations from a mommy makeover. To help the patient develop realistic expectations, the surgeon will encourage her to review before and after photos. The patient may also bring photographs from magazines or websites to explain to the surgeon what kind of body profile she may be looking for.

List of Questions

The patient should prepare a comprehensive list of questions that she wants to ask from the surgeon during the mommy makeover consultation. A ready list will help to ensure that nothing pertinent is missed out. A dedicated surgeon will address all questions in correct details to help the patient make an informed decision about the procedure.

Familiarizing with the Office

The patient may request for access to testimonials of past patients to learn about their mommy makeover experience with the surgeon. Some patients may also like to talk to the staff members and take a tour of the office to increase their familiarity with the surgeon’s practice.

Pre- and Post-Op Instructions

The surgeon will utilize the consultation opportunity to give pre- and post-operative care instructions to the patient. The patient should be prepared to follow these instructions diligently in order to have a safe and predictable outcome. Mommy makeover is a major procedure, and the patient’s commitment will help ensure successful results.

Costs and Financing Issues

The patient should ask questions about the estimated costs involved in the mommy makeover surgery. The surgeon or their staff may also be able to guide the patient about competitive financing options. Compassionate and tremendous Dr. Gary Motykie MD receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and other cities and towns in this part of SoCal for mommy makeover surgery.


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