Cosmetic surgery procedures have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many people now understand that plastic surgery is a science capable of enhancing a person’s beauty.

The primary goal of such surgery is to make changes to an individual’s body parts for a more appealing appearance.

Although it is true that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but interestingly, the geographical location of a person also seems to impact their preferences in the field of plastic surgery. The popularity of various cosmetic procedures differs widely in various parts of the country according to new research by the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS).

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Regional Choices

Buttock implants are very popular in the southeast while Midwesterners seek lip reduction, elaborates the study. Hair transplantation is huge in the south, but northeasterners are highly interested in male breast reduction procedures.

In the body-obsessed west, home to Hollywood, breast enhancement is the most sought-after procedure. But as regional contrasts indicate, the removal of breast implants is prevalent in the south.

But why do these variations exist? Surgeons explain that weather, technology, and culture are the most significant factors influencing decisions on the choice of cosmetic surgery procedures. This can be better understood by considering the desire for larger breasts.

Climate Makes a Difference

In warmer climates such as in southern California and glorious Florida, people are exposed a lot more. When you are that exposed, there is substantial pressure to look appealing.

But this idea receives a lukewarm response in business-friendly Ohio. The reason could be that since people in the Midwest are bundled up for most of the year due to a colder climate, they are not as conscious of their bodies as people who want to spend a large part of the year on a beach or live close to a beach.

This does not mean that people in Ohio are not interested in looking good. But they don’t have to look attractive all year round as people in California and Florida need to due to a warmer climate which leads to more exposure.

Certain cosmetic surgeons report that their female patients want a more natural appearance. This leads them to undertake more reduction procedures for the breasts. Patients typically seek something that looks natural but still allows them to be comfortable and look amazing in swimwear.

Corporate Culture Influences Decisions

Breast augmentation does not even feature in the top five most sought-after procedures in some colder northeastern cities. In contrast, male breast reduction is the most sought-after surgery among northeasterners.

The northeast has a significant corporate culture, especially among men. These corporate high-fliers want to feel very confident in a formal workplace setting as some experts elaborate.

In the south, where business is booming, hair transplantation is big, while it doesn’t make it to even the top five in other regions. Broadly, the west, northeast, and south have more cosmetic surgery in comparison to the Midwest and southeast.

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