Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Procedure | Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeryRhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose surgery or nose job, can be performed using different surgical techniques. The technique will depend on whether the patient wants to alter the size of nose, or reshape the nostrils, nasal bridge or nose tip, or correct other anomalies. But the basic steps in the rhinoplasty procedure will largely remain unchanged in each case.

The rhinoplasty surgeon will discuss all the procedure steps during the initial consultation, and answer the patient’s questions and concerns about it. Explaining of the procedure steps will typically help to relieve the patient of some of their pre-surgery anxiety. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie MD provides rhinoplasty to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.  



The first key step in the nose surgery procedure is the consultation process. At this initial stage, the surgeon will closely engage the patient to build some rapport with them, clear all their doubts and confusions, and determine their candidacy by evaluating their facial and nasal structure and assessing health records and their personal cosmetic goals.

In some cases, the surgeon may order some diagnostic tests at this stage. The patient’s skin type and thickness of skin the nose area, and any present or past sinus or nasal breathing issues will also be assessed. The surgeon will encourage the patient to review rhinoplasty before and after pictures in order to form realistic expectations about the surgery.


Customized Surgical Plan

The detailed consultation process will create the foundation for the preparation of a customized rhinoplasty plan that is tailored to match with the specific needs of the patient. An experienced surgeon will recommend a plan that maintains a delicate balance between the patient’s natural nasal and facial anatomy and their cosmetic desires and aspirations.

The surgeon will work with the patient to determine the type of nose improvements needed, and decide whether an open or closed rhinoplasty procedure will be performed. The choice of anesthesia, incision location, and the selection of surgical facility will also be determined. Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie MD receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for rhinoplasty.


Surgical Procedure


Rhinoplasty may be performed using light general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. The patient’s fitness for anesthesia will be determined in advance, and an anesthesiologist or anesthetist nurse may remain present throughout the surgery in case of general anesthesia.



The surgeon will use open or closed rhinoplasty technique, depending on the amount of nasal changes needed. Tissue from the nasal area will be added, removed or modified during the surgery. Synthetic implants or grafting may be applied in some cases. Open rhinoplasty is a more extensive procedure, while closed rhinoplasty will be a less invasive, scarless surgery.


Closure of the Wound

Once the surgery is completed, the surgeon will close the wound with dissolvable or removable sutures. The patient can expect to return home the same day. Nasal packing may be initially applied to provide support to the nose.

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