Rhinoplasty | Nose Reshaping | Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeryThe nose is a unique part of the face that can dramatically accentuate its beauty and proportion. A little change to the nose will have a magnified impact on the overall facial appearance. Therefore, a nose reshaping procedure such as rhinoplasty becomes a highly creative plastic surgery that should involve the principles of both science and art in order to achieve the best outcome.

The cosmetic surgeon should carefully assess the patient’s unique facial features and structure and balance these scientific facts against the patient’s personal aesthetic needs and desires. Rhinoplasty should be performed by a trained and experienced surgeon who can achieve this subtle balance between science and art and ensure maximum patient satisfaction.

Dr. Gary Motykie MD is a board certified plastic surgeon providing rhinoplasty and various other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.


Creating Facial Balance

A candidate for rhinoplasty will usually have one or more concerns about the shape, size, or overall construction of the nose. Some patients may want to improve their existing nose profile, while some others may be dissatisfied with the oversized nostrils or a flat nasal tip. While the surgeon will have to carefully account for the patient’s individual cosmetic needs, they must ensure that the nose is improved in context of the entire face and not in isolation.

The key concern of the surgeon at the time of rhinoplasty planning should be to maintain a natural balance and proportion among different facial features while making essential changes to the nose to meet the patient’s goals. For instance, if the patient desires a smaller sized nose, it should not result in the chin looking disproportionately pronounced.

At the same time, nose performs the vital breathing function. Any cosmetic changes should not compromise the functional efficiency of the nose. If the nose reconstruction or reshaping of nostrils leads to breathing obstructions, the patient may have to go through a revision rhinoplasty later on. Such consequences can be avoided when the surgeon approaches rhinoplasty both as a science and an art.

Dr. Gary Motykie MD will carefully examine all aspects of the nose and face, and engage closely with the patient to develop a comprehensive rhinoplasty plan that justifies the principles of both science and art. Dr. Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for rhinoplasty.


Subtle Changes

In rhinoplasty, just one millimeter of alteration to the size or shape of the nose can make a significant aesthetic impact. The essential identity and integrity of the face must be retained while making desirable changes to the nose. If the patient wants only a minor improvement such as reduction of a dorsal hump, it should be approached delicately.

The surgeon should shave off just one millimeter of bone at a time and then re-drape the skin to assess facial proportion before proceeding further. Similarly, the relationship between various facial features should be taken into account and only subtle changes should be made to achieve the patient’s cosmetic goals.

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